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  1. Roger_FJ

    No after Brexit deal would turn Britain into Morocco, says an EU commissioner

    Not making a deal with the European Union after the Brexit would leave Britain like «Morocco», said European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger while warning British Prime Minister Theresa May against the country's divorce from the European bloc. According to the Express, the European Commissioner...
  2. Roger_FJ

    Brexit Date - When Will The UK Leave The EU?

    I think there will be a delay!
  3. Roger_FJ

    What Would Be Your Ideal Brexit Scenario?

    Leave with no deal! It would be better than the deal on the table
  4. Roger_FJ

    Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019

    Latest news: Ministers in war of words after Amber Rudd … Even Rudd's own constituency (Hastings & Rye) disagrees with her. EU Ref Result: Leave EU-56.2%...