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  1. Tim Crockett

    Every Leaver Should Read This..

    Dear Mrs May I am in France having a break having come here on the train all the way from Settle. I just read your letter to me and the rest of Britain wanting us all to unite behind the damp squib you call a deal. Unite? I laughed so much the mouthful of frogs legs I was eating ended up...
  2. Tim Crockett

    Schoolgirl Has Been Eating B&M Advent Calendar That Was Actually Meant For Cats

    Alissa Evans complained the Garfield calendar looked a funny shade of green and tasted funny. 😳
  3. Tim Crockett

    How Do We Recover?

    My concern is how we repair as a nation. Either remain or leave will result in many people feeling betrayed. However I'd say if Brexit goes ahead and project fear becomes project reality, we must stop fighting each other. Pointing fingers will not make anything better. Also we must remember...