Opposition Calls No Confidence Is The Brexit Deal Dead?

Jeremy Corbyn

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Most prime ministers lose votes and get things wrong, but yesterday the prime minister demeaned her office by unilaterally taking her discredited deal off the table and running away rather than facing the verdict of this house, which we should have been voting on today.


There's nothing wrong with standing by your principles, but this deal is not one of principles AND apparently not even one she's prepared to stand by anyway.
They didn't even have the decency to allow a vote on the withdrawing of business. She let down all MP’s and the people we represent on both sides of this house, the overwhelming majority of home know this deal is dead.


They want to go on with putting a realistic solution in place this is no longer a functioning government, and the prime minister must admit to deal is dead. Her shambolic negotiations have ended in failure, and she no longer has the authority to negotiate for this country, when she doesn't even have the authority all of her own party.

We have no confidence in this government we need to do the appropriate thing at the appropriate time to have a motion of no confidence in order to get rid of this government.
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