Soft Or Hard Brexit? Whats The Difference?


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The phrase is being used like hard Brexit and soft Brexit are of course political, and for many adding to this sense of confusion. So what’s the difference? First hard Brexit.
What some people have described as clean Brexit. Simply hard Brexit means the UK is completely out of the EU. Out of the single market which allows the free movement of goods, people, services and money between all EU members.

Out of the customs union in which all EU members buy and sell from each other without paying import taxes, And they all charge the same taxes on goods coming in from the rest of the world. Britain would regain control. Control of its borders and immigration no more open to all to people from the EU.

Control of employment rights and trade, control of its own trade deals with countries outside the EU like America, China and India. Many say a hard Brexit could cause economic damage not just to the UK but also the EU.

We are the second largest economy in the EU, some people believe we should now be pushing for what is described as a softer Brexit. Many have argued this makes jobs and the economy the priority, more important than controlling immigration or regaining sovereignty.

With a softer Brexit Britain could gain special access to the single market, but we might have to make it easier for EU immigrants to work here.

We could just try and stay in that EU customs union. That would allow free movement of goods but not free movement of people. Trade laws would still apply which would prevent the UK signing its own trade deals with other countries.

Gary Bage

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Nobody voted for a deal with the EU. With some grown up thinking it would be sensible and natural and make sense for both parties to come to an arrangement but the remoners, wrongly think it is an entitlement.